was on the internet the other day and happene dto have come across this letter. i want to share it with all of you.

Letter to:
Congressman James Sensenbrenner

Dear Congressman,

Thank you very much! Let me be the first one to congratulate you for being one of the greatest immigrant leaders of all times.

Today, close to a million people in Los Angeles continued to contribute to the wonderful legacy which you started and which will be mentioned in the history of this country.

Even our President George W. Bush has distanced himself from you and so have other members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, because they don't want anything to do with your rhetoric and your personal fears of other fellow human beings. However, I will never turn my back to you, I promise.

Here is why:
We the people (the immigrant people that is), and let me respectfully borrow one of the wonderful phrases of our founding fathers (some of them were immigrants too), will see you as the precursor of the Civil Rights Movement for immigrants in this country.

You see, unfortunately we don't have a Martin Luther King. We don't have a Cesar Chavez anymore either (but I have the feeling that they are thanking you too) to guide us, to support us and to motivate us in succeeding despite the strong winds against us.
But we have you, let me repeat it, we have you! Congressman Sensenbrenner, you are the reason that we, the Latinos, Asians, Europeans, Arabs, Africans, and Canadians are marching hand in hand for the same goal so, again, let me thank you. So far you have mobilized, with all due respect, more people than King, Chavez, Jesse, Malcolm and Farrakhan have and in only two weeks.

Let's see about those who ask for a better life and fair treatment. Starting in Chicago, IL with half of million, across the Midwest and the Great Lakes another quarter of a million, Phoenix and Atlanta, they did about another quarter of a million, too, I think, although the media all have different numbers. Let's just agree that there were a lot. And we haven't even heard from the Texans yet.

What about the sunny state of California? One million people marched, my beautiful Congressman! And believe me, it isn't that easy to go to downtown Los Angeles since this is the land of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Wilson, but they did it.

Dear Wisconsin Neighbor, no matter what other people say, you are not an average leader. You are like an icon already and guess what? Your legacy is just beginning. There will be more people asking peacefully for their civil rights in the following days and in the following months and in the following years and decades to come.

Did you ever imagine how you will be remembered in US history?
Did you see all the students from elementary schools and high schools and universities?

Did you see the thousands of juveniles and retirees marching and chanting? Did you see the babies? A lot of them are US citizens and they have just begun to learn about you.
But don't worry; the kids are not old enough to vote yet.

By the way, did you see the American flags everywhere? These are people who not only yearn to participate in the American way of life; they appreciate America even though you think they don't.

In the following days the US Senate will be discussing the future of a lot of friends and family of mine and I am very worried about that, Dear Congressman. I am very sad that you want to criminalize us just because we try to have a taste of the American dream, as cliché as that sounds. But nevertheless I will keep my chin up and my dreams big and I will always remember you. I won't let you down by forgetting what you have meant to us.

Oh! Dear Jimmy, we the immigrant marchers feel pretty good about ourselves right now. We know it is not over yet and that some of your ideas will be something we are going to have to deal with, but in the meantime, let us enjoy the feeling of empowerment and immigrant unity that you helped to create in us.

Congressman, when you see one of us working, say on your yard or in one of the restaurants that you frequent in Washington or in Wisconsin, don't be afraid. We might not love you but we don't hate you. If you meant otherwise, rest assure you have done a great favor to all of us.

Immigrant Unity: what a wonderful concept.

Javier Salas
US Citizen
Chicago Illinois

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