Here is how i take care of my readin (hehehe) Sparknotes
nobody likes books anymore? who said ??? READ BOOKS !!! it expands ur mind !

my favorites are all the Harry Potter ones. theyre not little kid books. whens the last time you saw a kid read a 1000+ page book? The A Series of Unfortunate Events books are good too. The movie was okey, pretty much followed the book (not completely) and it had Jim Carrey who did a great job.
Amazon- awesome online bookstore!

I read BECAUSE A LITTLE BUG WENT ACHOO! ( its a kid book, but its really good)

Good Books

Harry Potter (1-6) By J.K. Rowling
A Walk to Remember By Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks
Sloppy First By Megan McCafferty
Second Helpings By Megan McCafferty

Was Sloppy First really good because I tried reading it and I couldn't really get into it.


My Bloody Life & Once A King, Always A King are really good books !!!

^^^^^^^RAW BOOK^^^^^^
u should read it if u havnt already