Post a pic of your cell phone. or just ones that look cool.

panasonic-x800-1.jpg this is my phone the panasonic x800
wat carrier is this phone for?
Yeah i want one!

external image 250x270.jpg thats mine
t809.jpgThats the t809 from t-mobile. Thats mine.
i have this phone too ^ really sweet!! its nice an small has a mp3 player, (u can also use ur songs as ur ringtone which means no more buying them but u need a program for it which is not hard to find) watch videos like movies an shows, ok games, it has a 1.3 megapixs camera which rotates but the pic comes out ok..can also record video , transcard slot an the screen is veryy nice.

t309.jpg This is the t309 and this is mine

B_L7_CING_SLVR_front_itunes.jpg this aint my phone yet but its gon be

external image moto_v360_1.JPGdiz is aint all that nice lookin but i like it
external image Samsung-blade-360.jpg
Samsung "Blade" - really kool phone even better than the razr in my opinon... best looking phone for sprint id say
but i like the t809

Audiovox CDM-8910
It iz pretty gangsta fo now

I got this vx6100-2.jpg

BUT I want this