For those who have built or cutomized their own computers...
(Or those who are interested in the idea)
Custom CP and Parts
  • These are great sites if you're interested in purchasing computer parts to build your own custom computer, or just looking for an upgrade.

Felty's Computer
  • This... is my creation. First one I've built. So far.

Why build your own computer?

Usually, people who are not satisfied with either performance, price, or a mixture of the two in a manufacturer's PC type will take it upon themselves to build their own with personalized specifications in mind. Others might simply be interested in the idea of building their own computer, so they do it. Also, there is a wider range of upgrades and options available to those who have a fully customized computer. An example of an upgrade would be a case (not the whole tower-like thing, but just the enclosure in which all the parts go into). Sometimes, if you have a computer such as a Dell Dimension or another company-made PC, you won't be able to go out and buy any case to replace your current with. A performance option is overclocking computers (making your computer run at a speed higher/lower than the usual, usually higher), which is close to impossible to do with a manufacturer's computer. The reason for this is because manufacturers like to limit performance so if you want a faster computer, you'd have to buy the more expensive one, maximizing the company's profit.

I uh... put my own dvd burner in
Does that count???
no that doesnt count..

- Well, it's not quite a fully customized computer, but it is a cutomization.