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-Halo 2 is a very good game if you like First Person Shooters.
BEST GAME EVER!!! ^^ soo muxh fun to play online!!

Playstation 2

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Best Game Console Ever
Offical Playstation Homepage
Playstation 2 Cheat Source

This ones for my favorite boy<3ooooni

Second Best Video Game Ever

- Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
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- God of War (a really good game)

- Final Fantasy

Dragon Quest VIII


Game Cube

- Animal Crossing



Online Game that is fun for the entire family is Gunbound which is a game where you in a little tank and you try to shoot other players in other tanks, there is no profanity allowed and its a great way to meet new people around the world
And Rakion


RuneScape is classified as a MMORPG (massively/massive multiplayer online role-playing game).
The game has a number of aspects to it. The basics are fighting and making money. Fighting is
self-explanatory (either kill the enemies the game has built in, or kill other players in the wilderness),
but making money comes in many different ways. Some palyers choose to smith (make weapons and
armor to either sell or use for themselves), fish, cook other foods, mine minerals, and others. There are
also quests which give you experience toward certain categories, like doing the "Cook's Assistant" quest,
which would give you experience towards your cooking level. You will be also be able to have more options,
abilities, and quests if you choose to become a member, and as member, you can also explore a gigantic

Here is a screen shot of RuneScape.


If you like online games like Runescape you should try RagNaRoK


-The Sims 2 + all expansions


The Sims Homepage

- F.E.A.R is a good fps

FPS also stands for "frames per second." F.E.A.R is a good application to test your computer's video performance potential based on frames per second also.

Online Games

-World of Warcraft
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- Counter Strike
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